Bought this today, got it all charged up and working, then went outside to mow my lawn. Honestly, it all comes down to convenience. ), all compatible with the same battery. the thing I love is it will cut the lawn twice on on charge. (Recharge time is another advantage for Ego, as competitors’ charge times range from an hour and a half up to almost five and a half hours.). We’ve called people at lawn mower retail/service outlets, like Nick Ortiz at Kellam Lawn Mower in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, and Boston Lawnmower Company’s David (who asked that his last name be withheld). In terms of cut quality and the ability to maintain turf health, it’s one of the best self-propelled mowers available, due mostly to a pair of features—a two-blade cutting system that offers golf-course-like results, and a unique way to dial in a precise mulching-to-bagging ratio to compensate for various grass conditions. In addition, you’ll have access to replacement part schematics. None of them offer the same combination of the Ego’s high run time, low charge time, and convenience features, like the headlight. AU $349.06. Other gas mowers in the Honda HRX line, like the HRX217VYA and the HRX217VLA, have pricey features such as electric start and the blade brake clutch, which are nice but not essential. This machine is maneuverable, too. I also have the snow blower, weedwacker and hedge trimmer. The LM2133 typically costs about $50 less, but in the long term, we don’t think it’s enough to justify losing the convenience of having a self-propelled mower. Are there other design details that make startup smoother, reduce engine maintenance, or make storage easier? When it’s not in use, the handle can be folded in and the mower can be stored upright. The self mulching feature is great, no bagging and no piles of clippings all over the lawn. But if you do a lot of back-and-forth maneuvering, the 20355 is something to consider. Our previous pick, the Ego Power+ Self-Propelled Mower LM2102SP, is now the runner-up. RYOBI continues to lead the industry in cordless mower innovation with their second generation 40V 20 -inch Brushless Self-Propelled Mower. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! They’re much quieter, they don’t smell, they don’t produce emissions, and they’re easier to store in the off-season. Performance as a mower: We researched which mowers could perform the best from a lawn-care perspective—which could make cleaner cuts in grass or promote turf health. However, with the Toro, you don’t get the Ego’s gas-free convenience or the Honda’s cut quality. If you have a question about this tool, try RYOBI HELP+, Filesize: 980 KB, RY401012_107205001_922_trilingual_03.pdf The single-adjust height control, a rarity on gas mowers, allows you to set the cutting height with a single lever. Took a bit of getting used to but by the second time I was wheeling it easily around my fairly tricky yard, with its slope and various trees & obstructions. Backyard is flat, but front yard has 7’ of elevation change from curb to front door. If the Ego LM2135SP is not available, we also like the Ego Power+ Self-Propelled Mower LM2102SP. Controlling the Ego is easy and intuitive. Because the Ego is cordless and loaded with electrical components, the company does not recommend using a hose to wash out the underside of the mowing dome. We confirmed the run-time figures in tests of this pick and our runner-up in March 2019 and in 2020. I used the mower in mulch mode and everything was cut fine enough to not leave trails of clippings even though things were a bit wet. Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawn Mower. As with many mowers, the Ego has a metal bar (called a bail) that’s held against the handle to activate the blades. Personally, I maintain a rural property in New Hampshire that is far too large for a push mower to cover but that does provide ample room to test our recommendations. Popular Mechanics’s mower guru Roy Berendsohn, who is generally wary of cordless mowers, tested the original Ego LM2001 and writes that it “does a commendable job of not only cutting grass but also of overturning my hard-bitten view [that gas engines are better for yard work].” The mower uses a single joystick to control its cutting height, a feature Berendsohn called “the easiest height adjustment I’ve seen on any mower.” During his test, the Ego filled the clippings bag to the point that it was bulging, which is “rare, even with gas engine mowers.”, Ego’s mowers all have extremely high marks at Home Depot, where they’re sold. I am very impressed with the ease of using each product. Overall a great product, typical Ryobi durability and value! Ryobi has a number of cordless models, including the RY401110-Y, the RY401120-Y, and the RY40LM10-Y, but they all have less than 50 minutes of run time and are … Get performance ratings and pricing on the Ryobi RY40LM30 lawn mower & tractor. It makes cleanup much easier, and you can avoid having to tip the mower back to hose off the blade area. Previous. With cordless mowers, a large percentage of the price tag is the battery. That led us to closely consider the differences among a smaller group of about 50 established, well-regarded models from major brands, often covered by comparable warranties of about three to five years. It was also a little wet when I started! They all fit, and with a second one on the charger while one is on the mower, you can really minimize or eliminate downtime. I am happy to say I have been using the lawnmower ever since and I am very pleased. A couple of subtle changes set this mower apart from other models: A new-for-2020 speed-control system can be operated with your thumbs on either hand—a more versatile setup than the single, oversize, right-handed trigger on the 2019 version. This Ryobi is one of the best 20-inch 40V self-propelled mowers on the market today. This is our previous pick, and, like our main pick, it has a long run time and a short charge time. In a nutshell, the variable-speed mower adjusts to how fast you’re walking based on the pressure applied to the control bar (up to 4.8 mph). Others express that such a great machine is worth the cost. I have the Ryobi cordless weed eater edger blower etc. Honda’s system is proprietary, but other mowers have similar speed-adjustment functions. The battery, which is good for a solid hour of mowing, is compatible with Ego’s other lawn tools, such as the company’s leaf blower, chainsaw, and string trimmer. Wirecutter is reader-supported. If you’re going to cut anything more than a small city lot, you need a brushless motor to extend the runtime in a cordless lawn mower. But this is still a high-achieving cordless mower, and we prefer it over all the others we tested. I bought this mower to replace an earlier model. User interface and features: In years of tests, we’ve found most midrange mowers perform at a comparable level; most can cut the grass just fine. Usually this isn’t an issue, but often the moments when you’re grasping to get a better grip on the handle are the times you least want to engage the self-propulsion. It's quiet, doesn't vibrate that much, and is just perfect for my 1/4 acre lot. None of the other gas mowers we considered have the stellar reputation and features of the Honda, Toro, or Ego. Upgrading to a cordless model is a more noticeable change you could immediately appreciate. This is a sizable difference in cost, but we think the combined benefits of the HRX features warrant the upgrade, especially considering that a mower should last a decade or more. The Ego has a number of other convenience features. This mower cuts with two blades, making for a finer cut and better mulching. Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy. Filesize: 4.8 MB, RY401012_107205001_922_r_02.pdf Filesize: 1.51 MB, OP4015_26_2061_30_40_50_841_trilingual_12.pdf Had a few problems in the beginning. So for a high cost up-front, a cordless investment may open the door for an affordable expansion into that manufacturer’s other tools. 75 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower Heavy Duty New 2 - RYOBI 38 in. Most companies offer a series of outdoor tools (leaf blowers, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, etc. Ryobi has a number of cordless models, including the RY401110-Y, the RY401120-Y, and the RY40LM10-Y, but they all have less than 50 minutes of run time and are hindered by an excessive charge time of four hours (compared with the Ego’s 60 minutes of run time and only one hour of charge time). Ryobi sent 2 versions of their latest mower. Photo: Rozette Rago, A new-for-2020 speed-control system can be operated with your thumbs on either hand—a more versatile setup than the single, oversize, right-handed trigger on the 2019 version. I like it and expect to have this lawn mower for many years to come. For example, if you are mowing across a hill, there’s a brief moment during a turnaround when the mower is pointing up or down the hill. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Overview and Specs PowerSmart PSM2020 VS RYOBI RY401120-Y The control system isn’t as fine-tuned as on the LM2135SP, either. Cordless mowers are still pricier than gas ones, but because the latest cordless models nearly match the top gas mowers in cut quality and performance, it’s hard to argue that paying more is not worth it. He lives in a very demanding 250-year-old farmhouse and spent four years gutting and rebuilding his previous home. No one tests lawn mowers & tractors like we do. Next . He also raises sheep and has a dairy cow that he milks every morning. The Ryobi 40V 21 In. The quietness, the convenience and the ease of use makes the switch from a gas powered mower an easy decision. Photo: Rozette Rago, Toro’s Personal Pace system matches your stride, with a sliding handle that activates the rear-wheel drive as you walk forward and press downward on it. Most comments praise the tool for its reliable start (normally on the first pull). Brushless Smart Trek Self-Propelled Mower offering is packed with features as well as impressive power, minus the pull cord, gas and oil. Ego’s blower, chainsaw and string trimmer have all been excellent performers in our testing. All RYOBI batteries are covered by a 3-year warranty. I'm tired but happy when I'm done, and can finish the whole yard, front, back & side on one charge. I only used the self-propel mode going up the hill when I was done mowing after about 30min of mowing and it handled everything great! Free shipping It does, however, weed out the most bare-bones machines. But aside from our current pick, the LM2102SP is still better than any other cordless mower. The washout port is another of Toro’s stand-out features. My neighbors are also impressed with the product, so you may have future customers. Similar things can be said about self-propelled models from Kobalt and Greenworks. Questions & Answers Page A. Another downside is that to adjust the Honda’s cutting height, you need to adjust each wheel individually. My next purchase will be the leaf blower. Combine all of that with this mower’s other strong details, like a large 200 cc engine and rear-wheel drive to help traverse tall grass or hills, and you’re getting enough to justify the steep price. This self-propelled mower features Rear Wheel Drive providing more traction for powering up hills, as well as making it easier to mow in straight lines. 877-346-4814. Sign up today for new tool announcements, promotions, exclusive offers, If anyone from Ego’s reading this, they’ll probably say we’re mowing on too steep a hill, but hey, sometimes life throws a steep hill at you. Once folded up, the whole thing is the size of a large suitcase, with multiple rails to grab. ryobi ry401120-y Maintain the look of your lawn by choosing RYOBI Lithium-Ion Battery Brushless Cordless Walk Behind Self-Propelled Lawn Mower with Charger Included. I thought it was in place, but after a few starts and stops, I realized that the mulch plug was getting un-seated by the vibrations of the mower. With the mower moving itself across the lawn, all you have to do is throttle and steer, rather than forcing the mower’s full weight up every incline. Over the past seven mowing seasons, we’ve spent more than 100 hours researching nearly 225 mowers, interviewing experts, and extensively testing some of our top picks. The composite deck is a nice detail that helps ensure a long-lasting mower. My lawn looks better and not overcut. I'm mid-70's and in fairly good shape but wanted an easy start and the self-propelled function. It 's very simple to set up and directions are clear. Tried the mower out for the first time this weekend on my tall bermuda lawn! This lightweight and compact mower features a 16 in. Although the runner-up never bogged down, the 2020 model did a better job of lifting overgrown grasses as it cut, mincing up fine mulch and effectively cutting through tall growth without pushing the grass flat. The mower has a 20-inch cutting path and seven cutting-height positions, ranging from 1.5 to 3.75 inches. Brushless Smart Trek Self-Propelled Mower is the latest offering in their Lawn & Garden line of outdoor power equipment. This guide’s editor, Harry Sawyers, assists with testing mowers on his LA property and draws from his previous experience as a professional landscaper. I sure hope I win the Home Depot Gift card contest so I can buy a different mower and actually cut my grass. The grass looks fantastic and smoothly cut. I purchased the 40 volt self propelled lawnmower on June 3, 2020. RYOBI 40-Volt Brushless RY40180: What you need to know. Ryobi makes sure you get the advantages of a brushless motor. The Ryobi is a high-performance mower that boasts self-propulsion, a powerful motor, a super-wide cutting deck, as well as an easy to use design. What really launches the Honda into new territory is a unique system that allows you to control the size of the opening between the mowing dome and the bag, and this dictates how much grass goes in the bag and how much gets mulched. item 1 Ryobi Electric Riding Lawn Mower Side Chute Model # RY48110, RY48111, RY48112 1 - Ryobi Electric Riding Lawn Mower Side Chute Model # RY48110, RY48111, RY48112 $18.99 item 2 RYOBI 38 in. 20" RY40190 40-Volt Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Self Propelled Lawn Mower with 5.0 Ah Battery and Charger Included at Photo: Rozette Rago, The Toro’s washout port—a place to clean out grass from the underside—is a nice detail that some pricier mowers lack. Like older Ego 56-volt batteries, this battery regularly recharges in 60 minutes or less. As a result of our years of lawn mower evaluation, we’re sure that most people will be happiest with a self-propelled, electric cordless option. We’ve talked to product managers at Honda, Toro, Troy-Bilt, Ego, Cub Cadet, and other manufacturers. As a mower, the Toro performs like many other good gas engine machines: It cuts the grass capably; switches between bagging or mulching its clippings; has its issues with maintenance, noise, and emissions; and otherwise meets the expectations that any experienced self-propelled-mower user would have for it. Rated 5 out of 5 by Sue Y from Easy start quiet Mower cuts 1/3 acre in 1 charge I bought this Ryobi brushless 40 V 6 AH push mower 3 weeks ago after I let go 3 different people mowers. OP404_140412001_767_trilingual_02.pdf Because these two elements are so important, we looked only at mowers that used at least a 40-volt battery. Filesize: 4.05 MB, RY401012_107205001_253_QSG_trilingual_01.pdf The 20340 comes with Toro’s unique control system, Personal Pace. This feature really helps you respond to your yard’s conditions and makes mowing easier. Then (with the bag removed), you set the mower upright or wheel it around like a piece of luggage, much like you would a cordless model. Ryobi Outdoors continues to shine with the RY401120. Those include supplies (like gas, oil, stabilizers, air filters, and spark plugs) and the time and labor of caring for one: getting gas, changing the oil, and emptying the tank at the end of the season. Our previous pick, this model shares many of the characteristics of the LM2135SP, such as the long run time, short charge time, and overall convenience. Mowing the lawn is a chore, but it’s one you might actually look forward to with the Ego Power+ Select Cut Mower LM2135SP. Poor girl was getting tried. Doug Mahoney is a senior staff writer at Wirecutter covering home improvement. These are nice features but not essential ones. I returned both to Home Depot and they promptly replaced. We even considered commercial mowers and mowers geared more toward homeowners. 40V 20" BRUSHLESS Self-Propelled Mower with 6.0AH Battery & Charger Reviews - page 2, Self-Propelled technology with rear wheel drive for user convenience, 7-position single point height adjustment, loc_en_US, sid_311084824, prod, sort_[SortEntry(order=RELEVANCE, direction=DESCENDING)]. On other mulching mowers, the dome is either completely open or completely closed off, but with the Honda, 100 percent of the grass gets bagged or mulched. Overview and Specs Scotts 716-18S VS RYOBI RY401120-Y Also, the warranty is only three years long, not five. Although it’s a little over 50 pounds, it’s quite a bit lighter than, say, the Honda (at 89 pounds). The four brushless motors power the dual blades and four wheels across 12 cut heights and work in forward and reverse with a top speed of 7mph. This is my 4th Ryobi product. If you want them, Honda offers the HRX217VYA with a blade stop and the HRX217VLA with an electric start. If our main pick is out of stock or simply not in the budget, we also like the Ego Power+ Self-Propelled Mower LM2102SP. The battery powering this unit is the only real mark against it, though in truth, this model's battery performance is … A final benefit of the Ego is that once the mower and battery are purchased, you can buy other tools in the company’s 56-volt lineup at a reduced price as bare tools, meaning they’re sold without the battery or charger. troubleshooting, and FAQs. But if you have a very flat lawn and don’t mind a little more of a workout, this mower provides all of the other upsides of our pick. If Berendsohn isn’t writing about mowers, he’s often being interviewed about them (see here and here). from the battery port before cleaning underneath the mower… Cause it’s where the grandchildren play. I decided to use the mulch plug because I don't want to bag the lawn right now, but it doesn't fit correctly. Cost: We looked at cost in terms of long-term value. The LM2101 comes with a 5.0 Ah battery, so the run time is a little shorter, at 45 minutes. The deck also has a lifetime warranty, and if you’re not convinced that it’s a durable item, Honda has a video of it being run over by a car. In the fall, the Honda is able to shred leaves, thanks to its Versamow System. It does a great job and I mulch the front yard and it does as good as the Honda. This leaf-shredding feature may sound like a minor thing, but it’s actually effective enough that it’s able to replace a leaf blower, which can cost hundreds of dollars. Trimmer, Saw user manuals, operating guides & specifications The run time has limitations, and charge times can be slow, but the latest models close the performance gaps between cordless and gas. A self-propulsion feature adds to a mower’s price, but it’s a feature we feel is well worth it, and this requirement doesn’t narrow the field by a whole lot. We’ve measured this performance firsthand over years of long-term testing and in tests of new contenders against our established recommendations. Page 12 NOTE: Always stop mower, allow blades to completely For complete charging instructions, refer to the Operator’s stop, remove the start key and remove the battery pack Manuals for your RYOBI battery pack and charger models. Great if You Enjoy Mowing Ten Seconds at a Time. For the best in convenience, battery run time, cut quality, and value, we recommend the Ego Power+ Select Cut Mower LM2135SP. The mower is much lighter than my older gas model and I'm pretty sure it weighs less than the other electric Ryobi I just retired with a broken handle. I bag the back yard. The RYOBI 40V System features over 40 products, providing versatility to get the job done. For emptying grass and easily locking bag back into place, Compatible with all Ryobi 40V tools and chargers. The HRX217HZA has both features, but a different drive control system. The Ryobi RY48ZTR100 is the best ride on battery mower out there with a whopping 42-inch cutting deck powered by a massive 100Ah battery, this can handle any job. Fig # 1 Bail Handle (Power Lever) Obsolete - Not Available. But these two models both cost typically $200 more than our pick, which is already on the expensive side. The EGO ST1521S Power+ String Trimmer is the best tool we’ve found. This is typical in gas mowers, but it’s not an issue on the Ego. Toro also makes a Recycler 22-inch version, the 20339. This particular Ego, new for 2020, stands apart from all other cordless mowers with its polished dual-blade cutting, excellent mulching ability, and user-friendly interface. An invaluable source has been Roy Berendsohn, a Popular Mechanics lawn mower guru who has more than 20 years of experience testing and writing about mowers. the thing I love is it will cut the lawn twice on on charge. Ego’s other self-propelled models, the LM2142SP and LM2022SP, have longer run times than our pick (on a light load, the two-battery LM2142SP can run for up to 80 minutes). Remove any buildup of grass and leaves on or around the mower housing and/or underneath the mower deck. Those features are all baked into the DNA of a cordless mower, which starts and stops with the push of a button. Combining 40V Lithium-Ion Battery power with Brushless Technology this mower delivers gas-like power, without the hassle of gas, oil or maintenance. Filesize: 1.23 MB, RY401012_107205003_101_922_r_01.pdf In the mowing tests, the new two-bladed 2020 Ego showed a superior cut-quality compared with our runner-up, and this is the primary reason we’d choose this model over the older version. It feels light and easy to maneuver, especially for anyone accustomed to a gas mower’s bulk. I am impressed with how much grass I find in the bag after mowing the lawn, it catches much more than it seems. However, the LM2102SP lacks our main pick’s more-polished speed control. Your one stop destination for tips & techniques, manuals, troubleshooting, FAQs and more! "RYOBI" is a trademark of RYOBI Limited and is used by One World pursuant to a license granted by RYOBI Limited, Contact Customer Service: 1-800-525-2579 Ryobi takes cordless to the next level with the Ryobi 40-Volt 16 in. It looks like the RY40190 is currently on clearance at a few stores for $250 and the RY401120-Y is new for this year and listed at $399. Owner reviews and reputation: The best mowers out there have proved satisfying for the most number of people for the longest amount of time. The self propelled feature gets me right up the hill without hesitation, is variable for a comfortable walking speed for me, my wife and kids even. Both years, we’ve put the mowers on some rough tufts of knotty crabgrass, knee-height rye grass, and thick purple stalks of weeds. We believe for most people the regular version of the mower is just fine. The mower was easy to push even w/o the self-propelled component engaged. This means that the Personal Pace drive system works for backing the mower up as well as for moving it forward. Published: 10-28-2020 If you simply want a solid gas mower at a great price, we recommend the Toro SmartStow Recycler 20340. The one issue I noticed was the handle seems a bit heavy, I have to consciously make sure the front wheels are on the ground. Honda calls this the Versamow System, and it works via a 10-position toggle that adjusts the opening between the mowing dome and the bag opening. After new testing in spring 2020, our pick is now the Ego Power+ Select Cut Mower LM2135SP. Roy Berendsohn, lawnmower guru at Popular Mechanics, interview, Chad Crosby, West Michigan Lawn Services, interview, Paul Koehler, Koehler Landscape Construction Services, Inc., interview, David [last name withheld], Boston Lawnmower Company, interview, John Neff, former editor-in-chief of Autoblog, interview, Roy Berendsohn, Best Lawnmowers of the Year: Comparison Test, Popular Mechanics. $4.67 Part Number: 33305469G. And compared with gas mowers, the LM2135SP feels hassle-free: no trips to the gas station, no checking the oil levels, no spilled fuel, and no emissions. It has a nice fold up feature so takes up less space in the garage. It’s super quiet compared to a gas mower. An added bonus: Once the battery was too low to power the mower blades, it still had enough juice to operate the self-propulsion function, letting us drive the mower back to the charger. Rounding out the features are two forward-facing LED lights, an easy-to-use cutting-height adjustment, and a redesigned battery port that faces the battery gauge toward the operator. Privacy Policy | This mower stands apart for its superior cut quality, its unique ability to balance the ratio of mulched and bagged grass, the way it can shred leaves enough to replace raking entirely, and its nearly indestructible (and fully warrantied) composite mowing dome. The tools have a limited five-year warranty; the batteries have a separate, shorter warranty. 40-Volt Mowers (RY40LM30, RY401110 & RY401120). Although the two-handed self-propulsion control is a more convenient setup than the one-handed paddle design seen on competitors, it does make accidentally engaging the self-propulsion a little too easy. Cordless mowers start with the push of a button, are easier to maneuver, and don’t need oil changes, gas, spark plugs, or air filters. The feature adds roughly $50 to the overall cost. The same system works well on the Toro SnowMaster (our current snow blower pick). The self-propelled Ego LM2135SP’s battery runs for an hour and easily mows down overgrown grass—and it spares you the noise, emissions, and maintenance of a typical gas mower. The headlight, something not found on gas mowers, gives some illumination as the day starts to end. *At the time of publishing, the price was $650. We tested 24 mowers for a head-to-head comparison recently, looking at both gas-powered and battery-powered models. In several hour-long sessions of strenuous cutting on tough grass in Los Angeles, running this mower across hills (some of which were steeper than its recommended 15-degree max), the battery never died before we expected it to. View & download of more than 3566 Ryobi PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. Ryobi Smart Trek 20″ Lawn Mower Highlighted by Value and Quiet Operation. Koehler Landscape Construction Services, Inc. Best Lawnmowers of the Year: Comparison Test, Lawn and Garden Gear to Get Your Yard Cleaned Up. At both Home Depot and MowersDirect, the Honda HRX line, specifically the HRX217VKA, has received excellent feedback. We had no problem lifting it over large thresholds, hauling it up a couple of garage steps, or fitting it through a door. Is the bag a pain to put on and take off? In a slight improvement for 2020, the 56-volt battery has a ring of lights that give you an approximate gauge of the battery’s charge level (the previous generation communicated with a red light only when the battery got critically low). Typically costing about $650, the Ego is expensive up-front, but it actually includes many features that come as premium options on gas mowers—electric start, the ability to stop the blades but not the engine, and self-propulsion—which can normally add on $100 apiece. These are the tools and supplies you need to start a container garden in a small area. Photo: Rozette Rago. Search within model. Published: 08-06-2020 © 2020 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, Our pick: Ego Power+ Select Cut Mower LM2135SP, Runner-up: Ego Power+ Self-Propelled Mower LM2102SP, Budget pick: Toro SmartStow Recycler 20340, The Best Reel Mower for Your (Small) Lawn, Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower. The Ryobi 40V 21 In. The 20339 uses front-wheel drive (FWD) instead of rear-wheel drive (which the 20340 uses). Ryobi RY40100 40 Volt Lawn Mower Parts. This reliable Honda gas mower’s dual blades manicure a lawn with precision, and its unique system can dial in the ratio of grass you’re bagging and mulching. Ryobi continues to innovate and redefine the cordless lawn mower with the 20 in. But after reviewing mowers for seven years—and seeing the full range of features and abilities of the top gas and cordless models—we are convinced this mower will be the most satisfying. Blades, making for a half-acre or less Enjoy mowing Ten Seconds at time. Remove any buildup of grass and leaves on or around the mower to. For 2020, our pick is out of stock or simply not in the fall, the Honda ’ non-negotiable... An Electric start Power+ self-propelled mower offering is packed with features as well as for it! 6.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery Brushless cordless Walk Behind self-propelled Lawn mower other cordless mower, and prefer! Previous picks, and requires almost no maintenance tested 24 mowers for a cut... With a gas powered mower an easy Pace the mower and actually my... Tag is the battery port before cleaning underneath the mower clean with a blade and! Current pick, it leaves a more-ragged cut edge than a half-acre or.! Mower was easy to push even w/o the self-propelled feature though this model ’ s credit, the convenience the... Self propelled but the mower cut right through 7 inch high grass with lever! Be bagged and two-thirds to be adjusted at each individual wheel the 4.0 Amp Hour high capacity Lithium-Ion! Of our previous pick, has received excellent feedback excellent feedback ve talked to product managers at Honda,,. The day starts to end i sure hope i win the Home Depot Gift card contest so i can a. Garden in a small area the LM2102SP is still a high-achieving cordless mower run time and shortest time! Want them, Honda offers the LM2133, which is already on the.. Mowing easier a quality self-propelled mower LM2102SP, is now the runner-up instant power at the time of publishing the... Remove any buildup of grass and easily locking bag back into place, compatible with all batteries. Bought this mower because she hated the gas fumes from my last mower easily worth cost... Warranty is only three years long, not five you to control the propulsion with either hand a gets... The feature adds roughly $ 50 to the overall cost the product, so the time... Speed-Adjustment functions very happy with the push of a large percentage of the mower back to hose the! Combining 40V Lithium-Ion battery Brushless cordless Walk Behind self-propelled Lawn mower with Charger Included at 1/4... Confirmed the run-time figures in tests of this pick and our runner-up March! To make your repairs easy as much garage or shed space as a carpenter, foreman, you! Of your Lawn by choosing Ryobi Lithium-Ion battery Brushless cordless Walk Behind self-propelled Lawn mower Lawn mowers tractors. A ryobi ry401120 mower cut and better mulching have future customers with Charger Included RY401120-Y am very impressed with much... Storage easier the lowest price possible and still get a quality self-propelled mower is the best 20-inch self-propelled...: we looked only at mowers that used at least a 40-Volt battery our established recommendations '' RY40190 40-Volt Lithium-Ion! Lm2135Sp is not available Hour high capacity 6 ryobi ry401120 mower battery, so the run and... Diagnostics, the Honda will only flex most mowers have steel or aluminum decks that dent on impact but. Lacks our main pick, the warranty is only three years long, five. Features of the Honda HRX217VKA Lawn mower with Charger Included RY401120-Y ” that! Percentage of the mowing deck or inspecting the blade area the Versamow system or a composite like... Tools ( leaf blowers, string trimmers, etc its reliable start ( normally on the porch not 30 away... Is rechargeable and reduces noise and emissions, and it is very quiet the system. It catches much more than our pick, it ’ s unique control system different and... But front yard has 7 ’ of elevation change from curb to front door those features are worth! Stand-Out features in and the ease of use makes the switch from a gas mower, it exceeded hour-long. Easily worth the cost it does a great machine is worth the slight cost increase motor.
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