Wood Fibre insulation operates as part of our most sustainable system. The end paper product (paper, paperboard, tissue, cardboard, etc.) Wall 140 is a high pressure proof, plasterable wood fibre insulation board. According to GO Lab president Josh Henry and marketing director Matthew McConnell, the company is gearing up to produce wood-fiber insulation … It came about when the wood processing industries were trying to come up with a way of reducing their waste products and turning it into a useful … “Wood-fibre insulation is … Wall 180 WALL 180 is a high pressure-resistant, plasterable wood fibre insulation board which is to be fixed on the post construction with wooden upright of exterior walls. Insects may not like the paraffin and other ingredients in wood fiber boards but I would not consider them insect resistant. Wood fibre insulation is made from the waste soft wood material (think sawdust, chips and other waste pieces) from the wood processing industry most often located in Eastern Europe. Wood fiber (or fibre) insulating board or panels are just that: made from wood, usually wood waste or wood chips or waste, typically shredded and bonded together to form panels of varying thickness, density, and R-values. ISOLAIR wood fibre insulation is the perfect insulation solution for both modern and traditional homes. Wood fibre insulation boards – they’re a different type of external wall insulation system than EPS or mineral wool, giving you even more choice when it comes to choosing the right materials for your project.. Its thermal retention qualities are outstanding and the insulation boards can be used in walls and roofs. Today’s blog is going to be looking at a few of the many reasons why you would want to insulate your home using the most natural of all insulation materials: Wood Fibre. Wood fiber insulation is a safe, natural, and high performing alternative to many synthetic insulation options currently on the market. Wood Fibre Insulation Products. Insulating with wood wool is an ecological way of insulating. Wood fibres (also spelled wood fibers, see spelling differences) are usually cellulosic elements that are extracted from trees and used to make materials including paper.. Wood Fibre Insulation. This ensures a much more comfortable and ambient interior atmosphere, all day long and all year long. Designed for architects, builders and self-builders, the courses cover different scenarios and explain how to specify, source and use wood fibre effectively. If you do need any help deciding which product will work for you or you need large quantities please feel free to contact us. Pavatex wood fibre insulation is the densest and very importantly has the highest specific heat capacity (2100 J/kgK) of all insulation materials and these combined add considerable thermal mass to a building. We specialise in natural, ecological, and healthy wood fibre insulation products for the home. There are many different varieties and uses for Gutex products, but the general recipe for a Gutex board is 95% spruce/fir wood, … STEICO LVL: Laminated veneer lumber for the highest demands. Over 80 years of experience and innovation therefore make PAVATEX the leading supplier of wood fibre insulation worldwide. Wood fiber products. There are several options for adding more insulation above the attic floor cavity insulation. We always carry a comprehensive selection of the Steico wood fibre insulation range and we sell all by the individual board or pack, meaning we can keep unnecessary waste to a minimum. It is a highly breathable insulating material and provides an outstanding level of thermal comfort within the home; fibre board insulation offers superior solar protection, preventing the building from gaining too much heat … Pavatherm wood fibre rigid boards could also be cut to size so that they fit tightly between the joists but this can be a difficult task to complete on-site. The Advantages of Wood Fibre Insulation : it’s all in the trees… Wood Fibre insulation is a fairly recent addition to the EWI Pro insulation catalogue, so we’re going to talk about the advantages of Wood Fibre insulation. From 60 – 120mm the boards are 1855 x 575mm or 1.067m². The material comes from sustainably managed forests and it is completely recyclable according to the ‘cradle to cradle’ principle. STEICO Wood Fibre Insulation – Nature's eternal gift. 2,418 wood fiber insulation products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which ceramic fiber blankets accounts for 1%, other heat insulation materials accounts for 1%, and fiberglass cloth accounts for 1%. It is also very dense with the flexible wood fibre batts, such as SteicoFlex at a density of 50 - 60kg/m3 and some wood fibre boards reaching densities of up to 270 kg/m3. Wood Fibre insulation is compatible for use on masonry, steel frame or timber frame structures and even historic or hard to treat buildings; Pavatex have worked with many organisations such as English Heritage, the National Trust, Scottish Heritage and Cambridge University (to name a few), and Wood Fibre also works really well … Blown wood fiber, comparable to cellulose insulation, uses the same borate treatment as cellulose to protect against fire, which also happens to deter insects, mold and fungus. WALL 140 is a high pressure proof, plasterable wood fibre insulation board. Wood fibre insulation has a high specific heat capacity of 2100 J/kgK, compared to 800 - 1000J/kgK for glass/mineral wools and 1400J/kgK for PIR boards. Acara Concepts distributes Hofatex Wood Fibre Thermal Insulation throughout the UK and Ireland. It is to be fixed on solid wood or brickwork of exterior walls. It is built using sustainable, eco-insulation -wood-fibre. We deliver to all regions: NSW, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, WA, SA, Tasmania You can … Wood-fibre insulation | Dungog | Dungog-healthy-home This is a bioclimatic designed house. Maines explains the different applications and installation methods as well as the wood-fiber insulation products currently in the market, and their … dictates the species, or species blend, that is best suited to provide the desirable sheet characteristics, and also dictates the required fibre … It is to be fixed on solid wood or brickwork of exterior walls. Choose from the following courses: Wood fibre Insulation : Condition: New. The 35mm and 52mm UdiTOP wood fibre boards are 2475 x 575mm or 1.423m². We stock a high quality range of rigid natural wood fibre boards from Steico with thermal conductivity ranging from 0.04 to 0.05 W/m2kK and densities from 70 to 270 kg/m3 to meet the insulation needs of your new build or refurbishment project.. Stay up to date and register to our newsletter All our Steico products are priced individually by the board or pack (for Flex), buying online couldn't be easier, … 810-614-0072 barry@woodfiberinsulation.us Gibsons, B.C. Since their establishment in 1932, PAVATEX have specialised in the manufacture of high-quality wood fibre insulation systems for the building envelope. These are the first free, online wood fibre insulation courses. They produce rigid and flexible wood fibre insulation boards for modern timber house and passive house construction. TECHNICAL DATA Bulk Density ρ [kg/m³] – 200 (145 for 100mm and … What are their thermal … Wood is a renewable resource and a natural carbon sink. Construction. 12 mm-thick board can be used for this in either one or two layers, or a 22 mm-thick board can be used. Barry Pendley Insulation Machines 805 S State Road Davison, MI 48423. Ended: 01 Nov, 2020 10:34:19 GMT. Hunton Nativo® Wood Fiber Insulation. Porous wood fibre board (untreated basic board) is suitable for the lining of both interior walls and ceilings, and for the additional interior thermal insulation of exterior walls. FIBRE air injected wood fiber insulation; Flexible application. STEICO LVL. Some of our wall boards are impregnated to improve moisture resistance for … It has design features and building materials that create a healthy and thermally comfortable living environment all year round. Air injected wood fiber insulation. The 22mm UdiTOP wood fibre insulation sarking boards are 2480 x 585mm or 1.45m². Wellbeing. Best Wood SCHNEIDER GmbH is a medium-sized company located in the south of Germany, with approximately 380 employees. With a high thermal mass and excellent moisture buffering properties, the benefits of wood fibre are far more than just its environmental sustainability. PRODUCT ASSORTMENT. Hunton Nativo is an insulating material based on natural wood fiber. Wood wool has a high heat storage capacity, it is vapour permeable and it has good sound insulating properties as well. Identification & Properties of Wood Fiber Insulation Board. Wood fibre insulation. STEICO construction – For New Constructions and Refurbishment. Newsletter. Why Wood? Wood Fibre Insulation. Wood fiber insulation boards. Insulate Naturally is an Australian supplier of truly green building & insulation materials. These are all of our wood fibre insulation products which can be used for roof insulation, wall insulation and floor insulation. Details about Wood fibre Insulation See original listing. Catalogue online of our products: panels of high and low density, wood fiber panels with different thermal conductivity and thermal insulation values, wood fiber products for floors, screeds, radiant and elevated floors, pitched or flat roofs, external and internal walls, theramal insulation composite systems. A wide variety of wood fiber insulation options are available to you, such as plain woven. Wall 180 Plasterable insulation board for timber framed constructions WALL 180 is a high pressure-resistant, plasterable wood fibre insulation board which is to be fixed on the post … Allow 5-10% wastage depending on the complexity of the roof/facade. It is produced in both rigid and flexible forms. The rigid form is used for sheathing and sarking on roofs, walls and floors, whilst the flexible form is used for interior insulation of walls and ceilings. Given that you may not have heard of it before, we’re going to go in to a bit of detail about what wood fibre is, … Wood-fiber insulation is made from softwood chips with either a wet or dry method, and the composition varies depending on the product type: batt, board, or blown. How we can save you money . Wood-fibre insulation demonstrates superior fire performance compared to polymer foam insulation that is currently used in North America, and the panels also show superior moisture management in wall and roof systems compared to polymer foam insulation. Wood Fibre Insulation from PAVATEX. Wood Fibre offers the building enhanced solar and acoustic protection and is ideal for improving thermal performance and allowing the building to breathe. Wood-fiber insulation and cellulose insulation are made from the same raw material, but cellulose is newspaper, whereas wood fiber comes from softwood chips. FLEX 50 - for flexible application; Universal application. This Wood-fibre insulation is made from timber waste products or wood from sustainably managed forests. Wood Fibre insulation is renowned for being extremely breathable and eco-friendly. MULTITHERM 110 - Universal application; MULTITHERM 140 - Universal application; Weatherproof on-roof insulation… Wood fiber insulation.